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College of Architecture, Navi Mumbai

Activities : July and August 2010

The Activities Carried During July & August 2010 In The College Are As Following:

  • 4th year students of B.Arch ID visited the construction site of Oberoi splendour at Jogeshwari - Vikhroli link road, for flat slab and raft foundation construction on 28th august 2011
  • 3rd year students of B.Arch ID visited Srilanka for documenting Ar. Geoffrey Bawa’s designed Hotels. While half of the batch was in srilanka for 5 days, the others visited Auroville near Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry) and Chennai. Here they visited Dakshinchitra (South India’s Cultural centre) and NIFT Campus.
  • 3rd year B.Arch ID students visited National Institute of Fashion Technology NIFT Kharghar Campus for design case study on 26th July 2010, accompanied by design faculties Arundhati Roy, Gulshankumar Sharma and Jyoti Nair
  • 4th year B.Arch ID students participated in a week long workshop on Building Physics and Energy Simulation (Dealing Building Performance Economically, Socially and climatically) held from 9th -12th August 2010, at Academy of Architecture College (Rachana Sansad) Prabhadevi, Mumbai with Faculty coordinator Dipanwita Chakraborty.
  • 4th year B.Arch students visited the under construction site for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation NMMC Headquarters at C.B.D. Belapur - Palm Beach Rd junction for understanding Flat slab Construction on 28th July 2010 accompanied with Dipanwita and Shobhana
  • 4th year B.Arch and B.Arch ID students visited C.B.D Belapur, sector-15 for Basement foundation (Raft and Pile Foundation) on 24th June 2010 accompanied with Dipanwita and Kamakshi
  • 4th year B.Arch ID students documented case studies of theme based restaurants namely FLAMES, RAINFOREST, VILLAGE, RUDE LOUNGE, INDULGE, BARISTA and CAFE COFFEE DAY.
  • 4th year B.Arch ID Urban Design Elective students designed the cycle track and public walkway at C.B.B Belapur starting from Artist Village to BEST Depot, coordinated by Ar. Ashlesha in 24th July 2010.
  • 4th year B.Arch ID students conducted field study and regular visit to the Slums of Mankhurd for understanding the present scenarios of Squatter growth and their issues for their design program of Slum Redevelopment Mass Housing for Mankhurd area.
  • 3rd and 4th year B.Arch & B.Arch ID students visited the construction site of Vashi Convention Center near Vashi Highway on 28th July 2010
  • 3rd and 4th year B.Arch ID were selectively taken for case studies of various construction sites of Birla White Cement on 31st July 2010. Construction sites at GRC Worli near Race course and Kamothe amongst others were documented by the students, coordinated by team of Birla White professionals.
  • 5th year B.Arch student with Construction core faculties, visited the construction site for Escalators at Bhoomi Mall near CROMA MALL at C.B.D.Belapur on 28th July 2010
  • 5th year B.Arch and B.Arch ID students attended the ACC Cement seminar where a design competition for Thesis Students was introduced and explained on 12 august 2010.
  • 5th year B.Arch students participated in the Fire-fighting services study in campus was held on 14th July 2010.
  • 3rd year B.Arch students visited Gadkari Rangaytan Auditorium at Thane and Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium at Vashi, for design case studies, accompanied by design faculties Prof. Anil Nandedkar and Prof. Varsha Annadate, on 16TH July 2010.
  • 3rd year B.Arch students visited Karanja Uran for understanding various socio-economic cultural and educational institutions and systems, for design case studies, accompanied by design faculties Prof. Anil Nandedkar, Prof. Varsha Annadate and Prof. Shobhana on 22ND July 2010.
  • 1st year B.Arch students were taken for an introductory walk around the Bharati Vidyapeeth Campus for understanding various building materials, coordinated by Prof. Anil Nandedkar and Prof Sanjay Chaurasiya and Prof. Jyoti Nair.
  • During 2nd- 6th august 2010, Prof Anil Nandedkar participated in a 5-day ECOTHREE workshop organised by USAIDS, held at Mysore Infosys Campus. The workshop focussed on issues of sustainability in Green Building.
  • 2nd year B.Arch ID students, accompanied by Design faculties Prof. Amrut Deshpande and Ashwini, conducted a case study and field visit of Ashram Shaala for Adivasi students of Sawarsee village Pen. Study comprising of activity understanding, space utilisation, material understanding, and educational requirement of the community living in remote areas was done for their design program on 25th June 2010.
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